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diverse monomer disintegrate particle

With the today's coming into tailings, the grade of ore metal concentrate will be lesser and tail-running phenomenon is certainly serious. Reminding on the customers that decide this mineral processing technological know-how, the ground materials should come through evaluating classification and then visit magnetic separation. The reason is that the different ores has diverse monomer disintegrate particle dimensions in its highest score. If the grain size is too thick, that impurity in the minerals is not separated out and also the ore grade is too low. If the grain size is too fine, mill running ability and farming time will be waste. For the ore sizes that is certainly less than 10 meters, if the grains accelerates 1% in ore powders, your grinding time boosts 2%, power consumption and additionally wear of steel ball lining aboard will also increase 2%.

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ore beneficiation

Thus, reducing the content involved with over-grinding minerals is the most efficient method to improve generator production, reduce electricity consumption and raise iron concentrates powder recovery rate. Utilize the group screening precautions, the ores whose chemical size can not meet the criteria come back to mill other activities grinding. The ores as their particle size meet requirements are transported to graduation in time so that the concentrate grade is enhanced and the grinding system efficiency is also greater.There are many mineral grading methods and spin out of control classifier is the most primitive certifying equipment. Group technological know-how is simple and certifying accuracy is a little bit less so the spiral classifier is generally applied for grading the discharged ores in a period of grinding.

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When the in terms of iron concentrate of ultimate product whose shapes and sizes are not more than 50 m should be 100% among the list of products, the first subsection gradation can use spiral classifier; all of the secondary gradation can take up high-frequency fine screen. When the iron concentrate regarding final product which sizes are not over 80 m may be lower than 100% among the products and solutions and the large allergens proportion of ores will be less, the high occurrence vibration screen can be used as gradation and the medium ores are available through the magnetic divorce but the premise is always that the worn of the superior frequency separation isn't really so serious. All the coarse ores come back to grinding mill again.

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Furthermore there still has a kind of gradation equipment. that is hydrocyclone. Now there are plenty of large concentrators take out the earliest stage and second stagespiral classifier and make use of the hydrocyclone. This method could do the ore powder dimensions gradation and also can enhance the pulp density before the attractive separation and reduce dewatering products. This equipment is also included in dryer grading enrichment of this ore pulp before ore powder re-selection while not dryer grading enrichment, that has a good effect.Through the above, Cathay Machinery used process improvement to generate the grade of products increased more than 66.5% and earn the products get a good fee. Then through apparatus technical renovation, the production power consumption of is depleted by more than 25% along with the yield is elevated by 30% or so. Aluminum consumption of lining board and hammer in addition to steel ball is actually reduced by 15% or longer.

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The comprehensive personal economic indexes reach the foreign advanced level, as well as the enterprise economic profit is improved, and the affordable power of associations is also improved. These types of will create good types of conditions for the future development of all the enterprise. Cathay Machinery qualified ore dressing team will probably fully consider a variety of factors and provide energy-saving and efficiency production series for you so that this customers can achieve greatest economic benefit.

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